Hey, I'm Lucas. I'm a product designer that loves to build beautiful & meaningful digital products.

I value empathy and curiosity when creating useful and enjoyable digital experiences. I enjoy advocating for users while I collaborate with product managers, developers, designers, and other business stakeholders.

I spent a few years as a UX Architect at Warner Bros. Discovery on the NCAA Digital team before co-founding Regline Outdoors. Since then, I've been with AKQA working on a project with Chick-fil-A.

You can read more about some of my work with March Madness & Regline below or learn a bit about my design methodology. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in working together!

I obsess over small details that make a big impact.
I’m passionate about organizing information and data into logical and usable collections.
I believe in collaborating with stakeholders (users, product, developers, ...) to deliver the best solution for the business and the user.
Brands I've worked with:

Works & Projects

Regline Outdoors
Image is split in 3 sections. The right has hand-drawn illustrations of animals with their species name below, such as a rabbit with "cottontail Rabbit" written below. App design elements fill the center column and crop off the edge. A photograph of ducks swimming in a pond is on the write, with an overlay that makes the photograph have a wavy money texture in blue and white.
March Madness Live
The NCAA's March Madness Live app logo is in the center on a plain black background surrounded by device mockups of different screen designs from the app.
B.S. Interactive Design
Minor in Technical Communication
Kennesaw State University
Student Project: 2019
A few phone screens with an app about voter registration sit on a light gray background. Elizabeth Warren features prominently on one of the screens in a page about her candidacy.
CBORD Student
Internship: 2019
A few phone screens are staged in front of a light blue background. The phone screens have an array of designs from a student housing mobile application.